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What is Umeshu?

Umeshu is Japanese traditional liquor made from Ao Ume (green plum), sugar and clear liquor like Shochu (or Sake). Umeshu has a sweet, mild and little bit sour taste and contains only 10-15% of alcohol. Because Umeshu can attract people by its mild flavour and aroma, even who normally dislike alcohol could accept it as a special exception. Umeshu also has a sterilizing power and relaxant aroma. Japanese people have consumed it as healthy Sake from the old time. Umeshu is a perfect option as an aperitif or desert wine.

Process of Making Umeshu

1. Ume Flower. Usually it opens in Feb/March.

2. Ume Fruit. It is Japanese plum but same family with apricot and peach. Ume contains minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Ume is fiber-rich.

3. Ume grown in Wakayama prefecture NANKO UME is famous for its high quality. They are handpicked by local farmers.

4. Ume is washed and cleaned before the aging process.

5. Ume, white liquor & sugar are poured into a large stainless container.


6. Ume is steeped and aged for 10-12 months before bottling.

What is Sudachishu?

Sudachishu is a very similar liqueur with Umeshu. The main difference between Umeshu and Sudachishu is the main ingredient. Sudachichu uses Sudachi, a type of Japanese citrus between lime and orange whereas Umeshu uses green plum. The rest of ingredients and the manufacturing process are quite similar to Umeshu. Sudachishu is only made in Tokushima prefecture its special product is Sudachi.

Drinking Tips

Umeshu itself is a quite thick taste so I recommend you to drink it with ice cubes in a champagne glass. You can also try mixing Umeshu with soda water for more refreshing effect. Also there are some cocktails using Umeshu. Same thing you can do for Sudachichu.

Courtesy of Choya Umeshu Co., Ltd.