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History of Japanese local beer

Japanese local beer (called Jibiru) has developed officially in 1994 when the alcohol tax law in Japan was changed dramatically. The minimum amount of annual production of each brewer was reduced from 2000kl to 60kl, which gives local small brewers a much easier opportunity to try to product their original beer following European styles such as pilsner and ale. Before 1994, there used to be only a few big beer brewers who could handle a mass production such as Asahi, Kirin, Sapporo and Suntory but now there are almost 300 local beer brewers existing in Japan developing their own unique styles of local beer such as Kinshachi Beer in Aichi who mix red Miso and hop to brew a beer. Recently the quality of Japanese beer has been growing and often some of them has won the international awards such as Monde Selection and International Beer Competition.