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Sake Master


Born in 1975 originally from Kobe, Japan, Toshi Maeda has grown up in a beautiful nature of North Kobe surrounded by great local products such as Kobe Wagyu and Yamadanishiki rice. Toshi has landed in Australia, 1996 to study English planned for only one year but the beautiful Australian nature and people make him decide to stay there for extra decade and more.

Toshi Maeda fell in love with Japanese premium sake at his mid 20's for its beautiful fragrance and texture since his first sip on Tatsuriki Daiginjo Komenosasayaki. Since then, Toshi has started taught himself about sake by reading books, visiting Sakagura (brewer) & meeting Kurabito (people who works at Sakagura), meeting other sake experts to exchange information and most importantly, tasting hundreds types of sake by himself. After all, he strongly believes that the quality, variety, complication and profundity of Japanese sake are almost equal or even greater than Western wine. Honestly, Toshi believes that Japanese premium sake will be fully enjoyed by Australian people in a similar way of wine. That is why Toshi decided to act as Sake Master, in fact, Sake Guide in Australia for Australian.

Toshi has been educating Australian people to sake officially since his first sake tasting event KIKIZAKE Vol.1 in 2009. If there is any request, Toshi flies to anywhere in Australia for sake education. One day, Toshi is sampling Sake & Umeshu at The Good Food & Wine Show in Brisbane, the other day Toshi appears as a guest speaker for sake & food matching degustation dinner in Sydney. Back in his home, Melbourne, Toshi was invited as a presenter of Sake Master Class @Melbourne Food & Wine Festival Langham Melbourne master Class.

You can find him easily at most of Sake-Relating events in Australia but also at his own Japanese Izakaya style restaurant "Sake & Grill MAEDAYA" at most of times. If you would like to ask him any question about sake, try some new sake or simply feed yourself with Yakitori grill & Otsumami dishes, simply head down to 400 Bridge Road, Richmond. Or if you are seriously thinking to educate your restaurant or bar team to sake, Toshi is more than happy to visit your venue to give you guys a quick Sake Lesson.

For upcoming sake tasting events, check Sake Master Blog for updated news!