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In Japan, we send Sake as a gift at many occasions such as wedding gift, birthday gift, new year gift, new borngift, gift to celebrate the new venture as well as Oseibo - the end of year gift, and Ochugen - the midsummer gift to express gratitude to the co-workers, bosses, relatives, teachers, friends, and so on. Sake Japan offers you a gift wrapping service for your important occasion so please feel free to choose your favorite style from the four options below. We will enclose a message card with your words as well.
There are a few types of SHUKI for cold sake drinking. The most popular one is the glass carafe with a small balloon hole in a middle where some ice can be stored to keep sake chilled without diluting. Very useful when you would like to keep your sake temperature chilled. Also, we have Japanese cut glass Kiriko glasses as well as frosted glassware with stone kind of texture on it. It will be perfectly matched when you are having Sushi, Sashimi or even some cheese canapé in a summer day.
For warm sake drinking, the traditional SHUKI will be ceramic bottle (called Tokkuri) & ceramic cups (called Ochoko/Guinomi). With Tokkuri, you can warm up sake at home very easily. Prepare hot water (around 70-80 degree) in a sauce pan, pour your sake into Tokkuri then sink in hot water and leave it for about 5 min. Usually, the best drinking temperature for warm sake is body temperature to around 40-45 degree but as your preference, you can heat it up more. Warm sake is good when it’s cold outside.
For Shochu & Umeshu drinking, we have a special SHUKI made from ceramic. In Japan, a lot of people drink Shochu on the rocks with a dash of water in a summer time and Shochu mixed with hot water (7 Shochu: 3 Hot Water) in a winter time. Also, same to Umeshu on the rocks & mixed with hot water sometimes. This ceramic cup is a perfect size to be used for any occasions.