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Q: When is the expiry date for sake? I can't find the best before date on a bottle.
A: Similar to wine, sake doesn't have exact expiry date. As long as it's unopened and stored in a fridge at 5 degree temperature or dark cool room, it will last almost forever. Some sake is designed to be drunk young (like Daiginjo or Namazake) but most sake will last at least for a few years.
Q: Should I empty the bottle immediately once I open it?
A: You don't have to drink it up on the day you open the bottle. Taste won't be changed for a couple weeks. However, it depends on the type of sake. We recommend you to finish a bottle in a couple weeks once you open it to get the best flavour of it.
Q: Does sake have the best time to be drunk same as wine?
A: Yes. But it all depends on type of sake. For high fragrance sake such as Daiginjo and Namazake, 6 to 12 months from the bottled date will be the best time to be drunk. For Shochu and Awamori, you can age them for a couple years to cut the edge of taste and make it milder and richer. Some sake is aged even more than 50 years!
Q: How should I keep the opened bottle? Should I keep them in a fridge?
A: Yes. Please make sure you cork the bottle well and keep them in a fridge.
Q: Do you have any recommended temperature to drink sake? (Warm or Cold?)
A: It depends on which type of sake you are drinking and most importantly it depends on your mood. For high fragrance sake such as Daiginjo and Namazake, I recommend you to drink them cold or room temperature (8 - 15 degrees) to enjoy a full fragrance and flavour. You can also drink them on the ice rock too. If you want to drink sake dryer, usually you can warm it up a bit and increase dryness of sake. When it's cold and you want to get warmed up yourself, simply you can heat up your sake up to 50 degrees. There is no strict rule for drinking sake and the best thing about it is that sake allows you to pick different drinking temperature depends on your situation.
Q: What is Koshu?
A: Koshu means aged sake for over 3 years.
Q: Can I keep Koshu back to be aged even after I open a bottle?
A: Not really. Once you open the bottle, I recommend you to finish it in a couple weeks.
Q: I think the taste is a little bit different from last time I tried even though I bought the same bottle.
A: Sake is brewed under the same process with same raw materials and same water. However, taste of sake is influenced so much by every year's natural conditions such as rice, water, yeast and even humidity. That's why quality and taste of sake is not always exactly the same every year even though Sake brewers have been studying and doing their best all the time. Sake is alive.
Q: What is Shochu?
A: Shochu is Japanese traditional distilled alcohol beverage similar to sprit like Vodka or Gin. You can drink them straight, on the rock, mix with water or soft drinks.
Q: What is Awamori?
A: Awamori is Okinawa's traditional alcohol beverage similar to Shochu. The method is similar to Shochu (distilling) but ingredients are similar to Nihonshu (mainly rice). In general, people drink it on the rock or mix with water.
Q: Can I come to your office to pick up the items I order online?
A: Yes, you can pick up your ordered items from these 2 pickup points below (VIC Only). Please see here.
Q: I would like to buy sake as a gift. Do you do a gift wrapping service?
A: Yes. We do a gift wrapping service. Please click on Gift Wrapping Service section in a bar on the left hand side for more information.
Q: I want to send a message card with my gift bottle. Do you have any service for it?
A: Yes. A message card will be included in a special wrapping service. After you choose the item and wrapping type then click "Go To Checkout" so you will be automatically indicated to Message Page. You can leave your message in a blank box. We will write your message down very carefully by hand.
Q: Can you deliver my ordering items delivered directly to my specified address?
A: Yes, we can. Choose your delivery destination or click add new delivery destination and choose it.
Q: How can I find out the delivery charge?
A: Yes. You can check at Step3 after you go to your cart.
Q: How long does it take to receive the parcel after the order?
A: Delivery times vary according to the sending location. Please allow 3 - 7 business days for delivery. If you have not received your items within 7 business days (except the busy season such as Christmas time), please contact us immediately.
Q: Do I need to be home to receive my order?
If you are not home when Australian Post is delivering the gift, they will leave a card detailing how you can obtain your gift by picking it up from the post office.
Q: When I receive the parcel, some of the bottles were already broken. What should I do?
A: We use 100% Australia Post Registered Post service in Australian wide. We pack your parcel very carefully by using bubble wrappings over and over so damages are rare. However, if any of items are broken at receiving, please contact us by telephone (DAIWA FOOD / SAKEJAPAN 03-8588-7800) or email as soon as possible. (Within 5 days after you receive the parcel.) We will send you replacing items immediately after your report.
Q: Can I cancel the order once I receive the bottle?
A: In our policy, we don't accept any cancellation after we have dispatched your order. However, if there is any item fault such as defective item, broken item during delivery or different item packed from your order, please contact us by telephone soon as possible. (DAIWA FOOD / SAKEJAPAN.COM.AU 03-8588-7800) We will send you replacing item immediately after your report. (Within 5 days after you receive the parcel.)
Q: Can I buy at Mt.Waverley office directory?
A: No. Please order online and choose to pick up at Mt.Waverley office.

Sake Japan Customer Service

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You can order online and come to pick up from one of our 2 pickup points in VIC. (sorry for the rest of states are still only covered by Australian Post Service.)

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