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Welcome to Australian premier sake online shop SAKEJAPAN.COM.AU

Sake Japan is the Australian premier sake online shop operated by Australian wide Japanese food & sake importer DAIWA FOOD CORP.

Sake is a traditional Japanese rice wine made from rice, water and koji mold. Sake matches very well with food, especially, soy and salt based Japanese dishes as well as sushi & sashimi. Most outstanding point of sake is that it can be drunk in any temperatures as you prefer depending on your mood.

We strongly believe that the quality, variety, complication and profundity of Japanese sake are almost equal or even greater than Western wine. Honestly, we believe that Japanese premium sake will be fully enjoyed by Australian people in a similar way of wine. However, it is very difficult to find good quality sake in Australia. So to make it easier for you to find the variety of fine Japanese premium sake in a reasonable price range, here we open SAKEJAPAN.COM.AU

Please enjoy the real Japanese sake experience at your home.