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Spring Sake Tasting

08 Oct 2015

Sparing Sake Tasting by Australia Japan Society Victoria @Maedaya

Thank you very much Trevor san for organizing!

spring sake tasting 2015

SPRING SAKE TASTING 春の利酒 – TUESDAY 6th October, 2015

Celebrating 酒の日- Sake Day – October 1  


  1. 1.   Kizakura ‘S’ Junmai Daiginjo 16% - COLD

Kizakura is a large and famous brewer more known for mass produced articles rather than elegant products but with the ‘S’ series, they have focused their energy on producing a serious entrant into the Daiginjo class. With beautiful aromas such as Nashi pear and fresh peach, it has a clean taste and slightly dry finish. The higher alcohol certainly gives it extra punch.

Nicely balanced with the Salmon Carpaccio

2. Yuki no Bosha Junmai Ginjo 16% - COLD

Out of the 1500-odd kura that remain in Japan, Saiya Brewery is in the top six in terms of their performance in the annual National New Sake Tasting Competition, winning a gold medal in most of the last 20 years. In fact, more than half of the rice used for sake brewing at this Kura is grown by the Toji (brewing master) & Kurabito (people work at Kura) and the yeast they use was formulated in-house.

It has beautiful fruity Ginjo fragrance with perfume of apple, pear and melon and is very clean & subtle on your palate with a slightly dry finish. This is a classic, fruity Junmai Ginjo style.

Paired with the Ika & Chicken kushiyaki

3. RIhaku Junmai Blue Purity 14.8% Shimane Prefecture - COLD

BLUE PURITY is Shimane prefecture's world famous premium brewery Rihaku's high standard Junmai sake. Shimane prefecture used to be called Izumonokuni and the region is famous for a strong Shinto relation where over 800 Shinto gods gather from all over Japan for the annual conference in Oct. Rihaku Junmai BLUE PURITY has a quite complicated flavour such as a combination of Matsu pine resin, roasted chestnut and a touch of honey & bitter cacao. Dryness & Umami of Shimane local rice Kannomai is perfectly balanced, you could keep on drinking this sake one after another easily.

Some nice body to match with the Spicy Goma Kara Age (Deep fried chicken / Spicy sesame)

4. Asabiraki Suijin Junmai, 16.5% Iwate Prefecture – WARM

Asabiraki (lit, ‘break of day’) was named by samurai Genzo Murai, taking inspiration from an 8th century poem - 世間を何に譬へむ朝開き漕ぎ去にし船の跡なきがごと。

To what shall I compare this life? It is like a boat that rowed away at dawn leaving no wake behind it.

Asabiraki is one of the most awards winning sake breweries in Iwate pref. Their brew master has honor of WINNING GOLD MEDALS 12 YEARS RUNNINGS at the National New Sake Competition. Rich & Potent, full taste strong style sake with super dry finish with SMV +10.

With scallops and mushrooms in a butter soy sauce

5. Tateyama Sake based Umeshu (Plum Sake / Wine) 11%

With aromas of plum and marzipan and a lively palate, it is made with specially selected plums from Wakayama prefecture. Tateyama Umeshu is actually made using sake as the base instead of shochu or other spirits resulting in a full and rich flavour. So just like terroir can be translated as ‘expression of the earth’, Tateyama Umeshu takes you south to the plum groves of Wakayama and north to the mountains of Toyama to produce a really classy product.

A winner with the Camembert Cheese Tempura

spring sake tasting 2015 2