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I am new here (*^^*) -Ohmine Cup-

16 Oct 2020

Recently introduced Ohmine Junmai 3grain. This can be purchased as 100ml cup or 720ml bottle.

This is 100ml. For more about Ohmine Junmai 3grain, please click here.

Ohmine Junmai 3Grain Hiire Hakonashi Small 500x250Ohmine Shuzou Ohmine Cup 100ml

This premium sake is very temperature sensitive and is to be handled at low temperatures. It is directly imported from Japan in chilled condition.

100ml cup is also available to pick up from our Perth office. Please leave the message "Pick-up Perth office" on the Memo when you place your order.


Sake Japan PERTH office:  3/58 Tarlton Crescent, Perth Airport WA 6105