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Shall we DAIYAME?

14 Oct 2020

This premium shochu "DAIYAME" is from Hanada Shuzou, Kagoshima Japan. It was born as the new product at that time which marks Hamada Shuzo’s 150th anniversary. Made from “Koujuku-imo” sweet potato with a rich aroma brought out by their original aging method. With a sweet aroma like that of fresh lychee you find in no other imo (potato) shochu. The essence of the fragrance comes to force when soda water is added.

  Kagoshima, Japan

DA・ I・ YA・ME is Kagoshima (in Kyushu island) dialect which means "To soothe all-day fatigue with evening drink, appreciating the day"


04091655_5e8ec6e15bd5c  DAIYAME (Imo Shochu) 900ml $72.50




Hamada Shuzou: DAIYAME 


"DAIYAME" is a truly new type of Imo (potato) Shoch, so can be enjoyed by everyone.