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The CHOYA Aged 3 Years

16 Sep 2020

As the leading producer of Umeshu (ume liqueur), CHOYA is committed to the pursuit of unfailingly high quality and authenticity in all their products. CHOYA does not use any artificial additives in any of their products, such as acidulants, flavourings, or colourings. Their slow aging process produce authentic Umeshu with the best possible taste and aroma every time.

This masterpiece was born by union of their aging process and blending techniques, made from premium Nanko ume fruit and a blend of at least three ume liqueur batches aged between 3 and 5 years.

04091730_5e8ecf2154a48The Choya Aged 3years 720ml  $104.30

Rich aroma like Brandy, mellow but deep aftertaste

Gold prize by International Spirits Challenge for the second consecutive year 2016/2017

Platinum prize by London Sake Challenge 2018