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Eikun Junmai Daiginjo ICHIGIN -Saito Shuzo-

15 Jun 2020


Saito Shuzo has been running for more than 110 years in Fushimi, Kyoto where is well known for natural medium soft water FUSHIMIZU. Since 1905, the finest quality sake produced by Saito Shuzo has been known as their corporate brand name“EIKUN”.


280 ichigin  Eikun Junmai Daiginjo ICHIGIN 720ml $208.55

Best with fresh seafood or lightly seasoned vegetables

ICHIGIN is one of the most famous their products and won the Gold Medal at New Sake Competition for 14 consecutive years.

Eikun Junmai Daiginjo ICHIGIN 180ml is also available.