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Have you tried? -Kiuchi Umeshu-

08 Apr 2020

Are you an Umeshu lover? Why not try this exciting umeshu?

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Kiuchi Umeshu 500ml $43.90


What is Umeshu? Umeshu is Japanese traditional liquor made from Ao Ume (green plum), sugar and clear liquor like Shochu (or Sake). Umeshu has a sweet, mild and little bit sour taste and contains only 10-15% of alcohol. Because Umeshu can attract people by its mild flavour and aroma, even who normally dislike alcohol could accept it as a special exception. Umeshu also has a sterilizing power and relaxant aroma. Japanese people have consumed it as healthy Sake from the old time. Umeshu is a perfect option as an aperitif or desert wine.