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Maedaya Bridge Road After Dark Event

25 Apr 2018

Dear Sake & Yakitori Lovers,

If you live in Richmond VIC, nearby Bridge Road, you are a very lucky person.

Bridge Road will have a showcase of restaurants who are trading in Bridge Road including our MAEDAYA Sake & Grill!

Next week Wednesday 2nd & Thursday 3rd of May, you can join to the the tours which take you 4 restaurants for 30 min each to experience the highlights of them at one night!

If you haven't been to Maedaya,  you can select the tour called CONFUCIUS SAY... which starts with Maedaya then go to Mister Minh, Lady Boy & The Collection Bar. All popular restaurants themed of Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai & Cocktail in Bridge Road

Book your seat now at www.bridgeroadgathering.com.au

Sake & Grill MAEDAYA
400 Bridge Road, Richmond

Booking (TEL) 03-9428-3918 / (Online) Open Table