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Tekkan 720ml (Imo Shochu)

720ml  $55.70

From Ogatama Shuzo, Kagoshima Japan. Classical imo shochu taste, crispy and mild flavour with richness.

Kizakura Junmai Daiginjo "S" 500ml


Spectacular Sake to enjoy on Special Occasions! S stands for “Spectacular”, it describes this sake perfectly!

Ranman Ginjo Reiryo


Akita Meijo, RANMAN's long time loved sake since its birth in 1932. Designed to drink Cold.

Baba Shuzojo NOGOMI Junmai Ginjo 720ml


The famous Amakuchi sake region SAGA's most hidden treasure. NOGOMI is now available at Sake Japan!

Daku Nigori Sake 720ml


Semi sweet and original unfiltered Nigori style sake from KIZAKURA. It made from world famous Kyoto soft water Fushimizu.

DAIYAME (Imo Shochu)


New premium imo shochu from Hamada Shuzo. The top prize in the shochu category at International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC) 2019.

Ohmine Junmai 3grain


Silky smooth with a touch of sweetness like a ripe tropical fruits. Finish is soft and delicate with a medium sweetness and very light, clean acidity